Despite the city’s effort, Madison still lacks enough affordable housing

By Ellie Colbert

When Laura moved to Madison from Waukesha two years ago with her children, she came for the opportunities that a big city could provide. But first, Laura had to find housing.

“It was not the easiest,” Laura said. “For me, obviously with kids, it was finding a place that I could afford but that also has good schools and a good neighborhood.”

Laura spent three months looking for housing, and was on several waitlists before she “got lucky,” and a spot opened up with the same development company she lived within Waukesha.

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Lack of resources among Madison neighborhoods

By Sasha VanAllen

If you head east from the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus, down East Washington Avenue, you’ll start to notice the thriving businesses and upscale downtown restaurants start to fade. These fade into vacant lots and old residential rental properties that have been ran down throughout the course of time. The smooth asphalt transitions to into cracked concrete and potholes barely filled with rubble. The once prosperous building complex now only holds a Subway restaurant, an old gym and  a small beauty supply store, all with bars over the storefront windows.

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