Commuting in Madison

By Nash Weiss and Sasha VanAllen

Whether it be by bus, bike or behind the wheel, Madisonians are spending a lot of time commuting to and from work.

“On a daily basis, I’m retired so I don’t travel everyday, but on Tuesdays and Thursdays about 45 minutes one-way.”

The average one-way work commute by car is 19.6 minutes, while it is significantly longer by public transportation at 27.8 minutes, according to  American Community Survey data collected in Madison.

Full-time employees in Madison are spending more than 231 hours commuting per year.

Some say cost is major factor in deciding how they commute, despite it being less efficient.

“Yeah I think cost is a pretty big deal. If it were free or cheaper to use the public bus I think there would be a lot more people using it.”

While only 5 percent of Madisonians bike, a UW student says with his busy schedule biking is the most convenient transportation option.

“I don’t have time to get from work to class to other stuff unless I bike.”

And approximately 16 percent, use the oldest form of transportation, walking, citing it as the easiest option.

With four different transportation options in the city, Madisonians are below the national average for time spent commuting.

In Madison, Sasha VanAllen reporting.

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