Welcome to Disparity Dialogue

The city of Madison and surrounding communities offer incredible opportunities and experiences for success. However, access to such resources are not always equal nor linear.  In such a diverse city, disparities undoubtedly exist among people of color, gender identities, religious beliefs, mental and physical disabilities and socioeconomic status. It is important to consider the specific institutional barriers in a city like Madison that emphasize and facilitate disparities.

As students at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, we believe that people of all identities, cultures, backgrounds, status, abilities and experiences deserve the same opportunities. As diversity enriches the university community, disparity further polarizes and impedes the inclusive environment that UW – Madison seeks to create.

As history has shown us, change does not start with complacency. Growth happens when we ask difficult questions and start uncomfortable conversations. It is our responsibility to challenge our community around us, to find the truth in the discrepancies and to come together with our peers to fight for change.

Through Disparity Dialogue, we hope to start the action. Join us in the conversation.